About KPS Orchestra

Welcome to the Kearney Public Schools Orchestra website! The vision of KPS is to "provide a safe, supportive learning community that empowers students to become problem-solvers, engaged citizens, and compassionate people who own their future". Music is the medium through which we encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. Music promotes empathy and compassion. Our program begins in the 5th grade and lasts through high school. KPS Orchestras consistently receive outstanding ratings at music contests, and have received countless awards throughout the years.

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About Pat Nebesniak

Mr. Nebesniak has been teaching since 2006. He graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Music Education and is finishing his Masters in Special Education- Behavioral Intervention. Mr. Nebesniak teaches 8th grade orchestra at Sunrise Middle School and Horizon Middle School, as well as the Symphonic and Camerata Orchestras at Kearney High School. 

Since he is in multiple buildings each day, the best way to contact him is by email. 



About Jeana Peterson

Mrs. Peterson has been teaching since 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Music Education. Mrs. Peterson teaches 5th grade orchestra at each of the 10 elementary schools, 6th and 7th grade at Horizon and Sunrise Middle School, and assists with the Kearney High School orchestra programs.

Since she is in multiple buildings each day, the best way to contact her is by email.