Winter Concert Information 

December 16th - Evening Performance Schedule

5:30-6:00pm Elementary Group 1 (Buffalo Hills, Glenwood, Park, Northeast, Windy Hills)

6:15-6:45pm Elementary Group 2  (Bryant, Central, Emerson, Kenwood, Meadowlark)

7:00-7:30pm Combined HMS/SMS 6th Grades

7:45-8:15pm Combined HMS/SMS 7th & 8th Grade

Orchestra Teacher Enrichment Fund

Please consider making a donation to the Orchestra Enrichment Fund. This fund helps our orchestra directors attend the national ASTA conference (a teaching conference that is strings-specific). This in turn helps them grow as instructors and makes them better teachers to the 460 or so orchestra students in KPS.


A note from Pat Nebesniak and Jeana Peterson:

"As our programs steadily grow each and every year, we as educators need to grow as well. The opportunity given to us to attend the ASTA National Conference allows us to learn new and amazing ways to reach our growing population of string students. Two years ago, we attended the conference in Atlanta and brought home a wealth of knowledge and ideas to bring forth in our program. Because of such generous donations toward this enrichment fund, we were allowed the opportunity to attend and grow as educators. We see growth continuing in the future of this program, and with only 2 of us as directors, this trip, this conference, this opportunity is so valuable. We appreciate the amazing support that we get, and thank you for your donations."

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